Emmett Technique - How it can help you

  1. What is the Emmett Technique?
  2. What Can Emmett Technique Be Used For?
  3. The Emmett Technique in Sport

This technique is so subtle, it's easy to think that it can't be doing anything, but then you start to feel things change inside you.

What is the Emmett Technique?

Emmett Technique - Teres

The Emmett Technique is a unique form of body therapy, using light finger pressure at specific points, to cause a relaxation in muscles or muscle groups. It uses different points than trigger point therapy and many that are unique.

On application of the light pressure, the effect can be almost instantaneous with the client feeling “something happening” under the points being touched and then often elsewhere in the body as well.

The treatment has the advantage that it can be applied fully clothed, standing up, sitting down, or laying on a massage table. This can often lead to unusual treatment locations, for instance in a dinner queue, out on a walk, or by the office desk, anywhere there is somebody in need of help.

It is thought that many of the points are over tension sensors located on the muscle-tendon junctions and some points operate along the length of individual nerves. However, the detail of the technique still requires much more research to work out all the mechanisms that are used.

The technique can be used standalone or combined with other techniques. It can often deliver results much more quickly and with less effort than other approaches and a session using pure Emmett may last 10 to 30 minutes although longer when combined with a relaxing massage.

To book your Emmett Technique appointment, either call or email me.

I had a terrible back pain from 2011. I thought it was pain that I had to live with for life. But thanks to Neil as I have nothing but full of praises. The treatment has been really effective and my back has improved greatly.

Loveness HookUfford

I am very grateful to Neil for the surprising amount of relief he brought after our first session - I have regained ease of movement in several of my tightest joints, and am still happily free of pain. Very much looking forward to the progress we will make in the future!

N M Boitos HayworthWoodbridge

I am a regular cyclist and also spend far too long hunched over a computer, so my neck and shoulders generally ache, and my lower back is not flexible. I visited Neil not sure what to expect, and he worked mainly with the Emmett Technique to release my muscle tensions in a gentle and effective way. My shoulders were more balanced and I could almost touch my toes, which I generally can't. I found it extremely helpful, and would definitely recommend.

Susheel RaoKesgrave

Neil is an excellent practitioner and has helped me tremendously. I cannot recommend him enough. Thank you Neil for your amazing treatments.

Tacye LynetteIpswich

What Can Emmett Technique Be Used For?

The Emmett Technique, although extremely simple and easy to deliver, can be quite profound in what it can achieve. In fact, the possibilities are still being explored as to what it can be used for, just by the use of touch on the appropriate, specific points.

Here are a list of symptoms that may be helped by the application of the Emmett Technique.

Foot / Ankle
  • foot pain
  • toe flexibility
  • hammer toe
  • balance (lack of grounding, travel / sea sickness)
  • ankle tightness
  • stiffness
  • discomfort
  • lack of flexion/extension
  • pain in the ankle joint
  • swollen ankles
Leg / Knee / Thigh
  • shin splints
  • pain down the outside of the leg
  • shin pain, inability to squat
  • congestion in the calf
  • deep cramp fluid retention
  • Knee restriction, pain / stiffness / swelling above knee
  • weakness in standing
  • difficulty walking up stairs
  • pain around the patella
  • tightness and pain above the knee and up the side of the thigh
  • tightness or restrictions in the quads
  • hamstrings or adductors (inner thigh muscles)
  • legs don’t relax outward evenly
  • pain weakness in the hip-flexors.
Pelvic Area / Bladder/ Bowel
  • sacrum pain/numbness
  • tight glutes, sciatic pains
  • pains in the groin area
  • pelvic floor pain
  • sexual dysfunction
  • period pains, cramps
  • pelvic imbalance
  • hysterectomy pain
  • SI joint pain
  • incontinence
  • frequent urination
  • lack of control
  • bed-wetting in children
  • prostrate issues
  • bowel movement difficulties - sluggish, irregular, pain, cramping
  • IBS, post-operative
  • toxic headache.
Abdomen / Chest
  • tight abdominals
  • abdominal / pubic pain
  • abdominal cramps
  • feeling hollow or discomfort under the sternum
  • anxiousness
  • feeling of loss or unsure of self
  • tightness or restriction of breathing
  • tightness/tenderness in the pec muscles
Back / Shoulders
  • limited trunk rotation
  • pain in the back
  • cramping
  • tense, tight, restricted shoulders and neck
  • raised uneven shoulders
  • frozen shoulders
  • headaches
  • twist in the hips and spine
  • pain in the mid/upper back.
Arms / Hands
  • restrictions in range of movement of the arms
  • gorilla arms
  • inflexible fingers
  • tight forearms (an issue for massage therapists)
  • bicep /tricep /elbow pain
  • inability to raise the bent arm (drinkers’ arm!)
Head / Neck
  • restrictions in the neck
  • inability to check left/right when driving
  • tight neck
  • neck pain
  • forward head posture.Tight throat
  • croaky voice, loss of singing voice
  • grinding teeth
  • dry mouth
  • headaches
  • TMJ issues
  • jaw pain, imbalance
  • facial tension.
Lymphatic System
  • fluid retention / oedema
  • congestion
  • sluggish lymphatic system
  • sinus conditions
  • post viral / bacterial infection
  • lack of energy
  • lethargy
  • general body relaxation.

The phrase "may be helped" in no way implies that this is an alternative treatment for any medical condition. If you are receiving treatment prescribed by a doctor this should be continued until completion.

Emmett Technique treating cyclist

To book your Emmett Technique appointment, either call or email me.


The Emmett Technique in Sport

With the unique ability of this technique to be used out in the open, it is ideal to be used at sporting events.

I've used the Emmett Technique on competing athletes during multi-day events, enabling them to continue minutes later despite finishing the previous stage exhausted and with muscles screaming.

My legs were destroyed and after 10 minutes with Neil, my legs felt light, loose and ready for the next challenge.

Jake W

After two days of tough running and cycling the muscles were tight. A few minutes of treatment and they felt significantly better.

Martin S

After slogging up Ben Lomond my hamstrings were very sore, within two minutes, after treatment the difference was amazing.

Ros D

I enjoyed the session with the Emmett team. Neil helped me loosen up my hips and calves, definitely eased my pain. Thanks


I had a short session before the Challenge started to help stabilise my knee and core. It was non-invasive and really help with both – very impressed.


Neil showed me the Emmett treatment. At first, I was very sceptical, however, after performing the technique on me, my injury, tight IT Band, completely disappeared and hasn't come back since.


To book your Emmett Technique appointment, either call or email me.