Sports Massage combined with regular exercise is a good way to remain healthy

Frequently Asked Questions

How many treatments will I need?

It depends, sometimes acute conditions, can be resolved in just one or two treatments.

Chronic injuries generally take a little longer to resolve, particularly when postural compensations have taken hold. Apart from resolving the injury, the body may need to be re-taught how to move correctly, to have muscles strengthened and mobility increased. This can take the combined efforts of the therapists and client to rectify, to achieve the best results.

Scar Therapy - Some scars, can be improved with just a few treatments, others may need lifetime support. However, most people find that between 4 - 8 treatments provides them with the results they were looking for. I will assess and discuss within the first session.

What will happen during my first treatment?

On the initial visit, I will take a full history, to understand all that has gone before and how it may have caused any issues today. I also will be looking for any postural issues and during the course of the treatment will give advice on how to start alleviating them.

For Sports Massages, I use the correct amount of pressure to produce a release and no more. I find that the body responds better to investigation and then specific muscle freeing techniques that although may be slightly uncomfortable, will not damage the muscle further. Clients should feel relaxed and refreshed after the treament.

Using Emmett Technique is very gentle and often extremely relaxing. I find many of the best results are achieved with the patient either sitting or standing, however, it will be used when appropriate throughout a session. Their is no pain associated with this technique other than, sometimes, a slight stinging sensation at one of the touch points which is easily resolved by application of a piece of wetted tissue (it works). It is also quite possible for a limb, or the body, to apparently start moving on its own, but this all part of the muscle relaxation process.

Sports Massage allows the body to remain supple

Finally during Scar Therapy, I will be looking across the body for potential issues, these may be some distance from any sources of pain, but resolving them can have dramatic effects. All scar therapy is very gentle and many clients say they almost fall asleep during the session.

What should I wear?

Loose casual clothing, allowing ready access to the areas of concern without restriction.

If only Emmett Technique is used, the client can remain fully clothed providing the clothing is light and un-restrictive.

For full body massage, appropriate towelling will be used, so that at no time should you feel uncomfortable, or cold. If you have any concerns, please discuss at the start, so that we can work out an agreeable and appropriate way of working.

What it will cost?

Full or partial body massage will be time based at 30 minutes or 1 hour (on the massage table). No remedial work will be performed beyond the basic easing of sore muscles. If further remedial treatments are required, this will be discussed at the time.

For all other sessions, I will use whatever modality I think is most appropriate for the person and the issues they bring with them. Consequently, I have a fixed price for all my work, it is not time based so that if the issue is resolved within 5 or 90 minutes the cost will be the same. Note: If the issue is resolved within 5 minutes you may well be offered some massage as well.

My normal fee is £50 for a treatment, however, this is out of the reach of some, so you are very welcome to pay between £30 and £50, according to means.

I understand that there are many people who have limited income. I need to make a living myself, but for those that need to, they should discuss this at the time of booking to work out an alternative payment plan. I will never turn anyone down. There may be alternatives like the possibility of being a case study.

If you are on a higher income and are able to pay more, thank you; this enables me to offer a lower priced option to people who cannot afford it but who need help.