Manual Lymphatic Drainage

If you have puffiness, cellulite, or thick ankles, Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) can be a very effective therapy for reducing these conditions and improving the appearance of your skin. It can also be used to provide a relaxed and calm environment through the rhythmic application of the technique as all areas of the body are covered. Why not give yourself a tonic and book a session of Lymphatic Drainage?

Lymphatic Drainage

What is lymphatic drainage used for?

Lymphatic drainage is an effective technique used:

  • To improve the immune system
  • To help defend the body from infection
  • Following removal of lymph nodes
  • To reduce swelling post surgery
  • To help if your body feels heavy or bloated

Lymphatic drainage is used to improve the immune system, help defend the body from infection, post surgery and following removal of lymph nodes.

The lymphatic system is the waste filtration system of the body, it has no intrinsic pump to move the fluids around, as the heart does for blood, but it relies on the contraction of the muscles to perform a similar function. If muscles within the body are not moved sufficiently, or if the lymph nodes are inactive, pockets of stale body fluid will remain, that will collect dead cells and other unwanted detritus (rubbish). Think of the bottom of a swimming pool that has a broken filter system!

During major surgery lymph nodes and lymph vessels can be removed or damaged, or the body can just be producing more lymph to help in the healing process. Whatever the mechanism, the lymphatic system will benefit from manual lymphatic drainage, to help reduce swelling known as lymphedema.

If a person remains inactive for too long, as so commonly happens in today’s society, then the lymphatic system needs to be turned up, stimulated, to help the filtration action occur. Obviously, there are two ways to approach this, by more exercise, or by stimulation of the lymphatic system, or a mixture of both.

The Emmett Technique Lymphatic Drainage is a gentle, highly effective system of moves, put together to allow the lymphatic system to establish its own rhythm. Helping to improve the efficiency of the system as a whole, thought to be by the action of stimulating the major lymph node groupings. Treatment, which is very relaxing and calming, can easily be performed through thin light clothing usually whilst lying down on a treatment couch. It can also be performed sitting if client is unable to lie down.


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